FAA Medical Certificate

Every student in the Aviation Program is required to have an FAA Medical Certificate Second or First Class. This MUST be done by an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner); you cannot go to your regular doctor.

  1. Go to the FAA MedXpress website to begin your medical certificate application.
  2. Call your local AME to make an appointment. To find one near you, please use the FAA's AME Locator or visit Flight Physical.com.

If you are local (Cedar City, UT), there are no AME's currently in this area. There are close examiners in St. George.  We also have an AME visit our location on occasion to perform these exams.  To inquire about one of these options, please contact Aviation Admissions at aviationadmissions@suu.edu / 435-865-8148.

If you have questions regarding the FAA Medical Certification, refer to the FAA's FAQ on the subject.